Energyraters founder Darren Parker on DNM TALK Podcast

‘DMN TALK’ podcast breaks new ground in sustainable building design in Australia

Australia’s largest industry organisation for architects, building designers and thermal performance assessors, Design Matters National (DMN), has launched a new podcast called ‘DMN TALK’, for designers, energy assessors, builders and anybody with a passion for sustainable building design.The first episode of ‘DMN TALK’ – “Builder, Designer & Assessor: Why early collaboration is key to sustainable building design” – features a three-way conversation, between a builder, building designer and an energy assessor, exploring the merits of getting together at the start of the design process rather than the usual practice of leaving the energy rater out of the picture.The first episode features built-environment professionals, each highly successful in their own right:- 2020 DMN Building Designer of the Year Sven Maxa, of Maxa Design, Sustainable Home Design;- Builder/energy assessor, Jeremy Spencer, of Positive Footprints Sustainable House Design and Construction; &- Energy assessor, Darren Parker of Australian Energyraters.“Our DMN TALK podcast, aired on 28 August, is the latest in a long line of exciting DMN initiatives designed to support building designers all over Australia to keep up to date with industry best practice in sustainable building design,” DMN CEO Peta Anderson says.“The podcast will be an eye-opener for many designers who don’t realise their energy rater’s skillset makes a significant difference to the outcome of their project, instead of using their services just to get a building permit approved,” Ms Anderson says.“The simple yet powerful idea of these three professions working as a team at the outset of a project to leverage each other’s skills and expertise, is key to ensuring optimal outcomes for their clients. Sven, Jeremy and Darren bring this collaboration to life by sharing their incredible stories about how they work as a team to maximise the thermal comfort, energy efficiency and climate resilience of their projects,” she says.

‘DMN TALK’ podcasts can be found at: ‘DMN TALK’ podcasts are in production, free-of-charge for everyone.

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