Collaborating with you towards a sustainable future

At Energyraters, we're here to help turn your next concept into reality all the while supporting you to maintain both creative licence and reach energy compliance.
Collaboration from Concept to Reality
Our experienced team provides unparalleled expertise and guidance throughout the architectural journey, from design to implementation. Benefit from our industry knowledge, innovative technologies, and personalised support to create energy-efficient buildings that surpass client expectations.
Tailored Support, Your Way
We offer full flexibility and work with you in a manner that suits your preferences, Whether it's in partnership with your client, collaboratively at each milestone, or behind the scenes. We adapt to your needs, ensuring your projects are energy-efficient and environmentally conscious.
Build Your Legacy, Enhance Your Reputation
Stand out in the architectural industry as a sustainability-focused professional. Partnering with Energyraters grants you access to cutting-edge energy solutions and differentiates you in the market.

Our process for Architects


Meet with us

We pride ourselves on offering the best tailored service in the industry. So, to see if your project is a good fit for our services, we normally organise a meeting. this can be in person or online, whatever you would prefer. We assess the projects scope and how we could best offer our services in support of your vision.


We will help you as much as you want. Be that a minimalist presence in the background or a role in directly managing client expectations regarding design and liveability. Our ESD consultants have decades of experience in supporting teams of design professionals. Consultation advice and feedback is offered in a timely and ethical way and always to the highest standards of accuracy.


Once your project has reached its final stages, we finish off all the technical energy efficiency components and return the compliance certificates to you along with any other documentation, expert advice or technical data that may be needed for your project to be certified and compliant with energy efficiency requirements.

Accurate, accredited, ethical.

We pride ourselves by employing local experts who know the climates that you build in. With over 120 years of combined knowledge and having operated nationally for over 20+ years we are committed to staying on shore and on board with local and national builders. We won't compromise quality for cost savings, because we know your reputation is linked to your livelihood. You can be confident that your project is handled by a team of Thermal Performance Assessors who are industry qualified and accredited by Assessor Accreditation Organisations (AAO) like Design Matters National.

Ethical approach

Energyraters as a business has at its core, taking an ethical approach to energy efficiency. We always apply 'best practice' to our assessments and are known as assessors that are look to as a benchmark when it comes to others in the industry. We know that there are loopholes and less than desirable practices, like sending out jobs overseas and manipulating data to get results, but we would rather do things the right way to protect our reputation and yours. Ensure client satisfaction and avoid the risks of non-compliance with our reliable assessments, protecting your brand and minimising the potential for legal action or compensation.

Shared Client-Centric Focus

We understand your commitment to your client's project and expectations, helping you manage and communicate effectively to deliver on their vision while meeting regulatory standards. With Energyraters you are using a team that is invested in you and your projects from start to finish.

The services we offer


7-Star Design Consultancy


Energyraters is a leader in the industry and we are well suited to help you achieve your 7-Star needs. Many States have delayed the transition, but being prepared now can help ease the costs of having to suddenly switch over to regulations and requirements. If you get in early you can create a point of difference and stand out in a crowded market. 7-Star is the future of building in Australia and we're here to help you get it right.

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Consultancy


If you have clients that are sustainablility focused then we can help you not only with the energy efficicency but also the liveability of the home. We are partnered with Greenest House, a multi-award winning ESD consultancy group, that provide up to date advice and support to improve the liveability of a project. Liveability includes the sustainability of the building fabric and methods of construction as well as the thermal comfort, health of occupants and the home's resilience to climate shock.

NatHERS Assessments


NatHERS or better known as '6-Star' assesments are our bread and butter. We are trusted to provide these assessments nationwide to some of Australias largest builders and we pride oursleves on being both Locally based - no work is done offshore- and ethically compliant with best practice of the industry. We have gained a reputation for providing fast turn around times and accurate assessments along with cost effective solutions that work in the real world. Protect your reputation and compliance obligations by using our industry leading services.

Independent Report Auditing


If its too good to be true, most times it is. We offer our services to audit energy reports and provide expert advice regarding the findings. We have helped builders save their good name and tens of thousands of dollars of potential compensation payments by picking up errors and ommisions that other assessors had passed through. Occupants are questioning more than ever if their homes are 'up to spec', so get infront of this and get us to help you out.

BASIX & DTS Assessments


We offer a wide range of services to our NSW builders and BASIX is just the tip of the iceberg. We have decades of experience finding the most cost effective solutions to make sure your BASIX requirements are met or exceeded. We also offer DTS certification for jobs that may rewuire this certification pathway.

Research & Development


No matter if you build 2 or 2000 homes a year we offer our research and development services to prepare your product lines and future proof them from iminante industry changes. Being well connected and experts in our field we normally have advanced warning on when things are changing so we can help you develop your products to be built in the climates that they will suit.

Industry Education & Training


Energyraters has a name in the industry for being ahead of the curve. We have conducted numerous webinars and in person training workshops for builders and the public. We focus on maximising the cost to benefit and efficient workflow of businesses in line with various NCC and BCA requirments. There is a need for thermal performance to be explained and sold in an easy to understand way to clients and contractors so as to show the unseen benifits of building a complying home. the more sales tools you have and the more educated your teams are the more likely it makes you to stand out and be noticed in this crowded industry.

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