Get an energy star rating for your home to improve comfort and cost

The new energy star rating for when you buy, sell or rent a home that improves comfort, living costs and value.

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is new and available across Asutralia. It is a unique program that provides an energy efficiency star rating for your home.

In the same way as a fridge or washing machine has a star rating, a Scorecard rating shows how much energy is used throughout your home. It differs from a standard NaTHERS Energy Rating in that it takes into consideration not just the building materials, but also other factors, like your appliances and heating and cooling costs. Assessments and information are tailored specifically for your home and are delivered by government-approved assessors.

The star rating provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of how your home copes with hot and cold weather. This allows you to compare your home’s energy use with similar homes and quickly see how to save money on your bills.

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How a Scorecard assessment can help you

Use the Residential Efficiency Scorecard to reduce your household energy bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve home comfort. If you're buying, selling or renting, use the Scorecard as your point of difference - that your home is far more energy efficient (meaning less costs) than similar houses in your area.

It will help you:

  • better understand the energy performance of your home
  • improve the comfort of your home in winter and summer
  • learn how to to make home improvements efficiently and cost effectively
  • reduce energy use and energy bills
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • use your score as a point of different to sell or rent your home for a higher amount

NEW 7-Star NCC Requirments Are Almost Here - UPDATE

What's On a Scorecard

Overall Rating

The Scorecard provides an energy star rating for your home on a scale from one to ten. A high star rating means your home will use less energy, and cost less to run, than one with a lower star rating. The star rating represents the relative cost of energy to run the fixed appliances in the house.

Homes that achieve a high star rating can expect a lower energy bill than the average home. Currently, the average home is three-star rated so there are opportunities to increase your home’s rating and spend less on your energy bills.

Hot and Cold Rating

The certificate shows how well the house performs in summer without any cooling and in winter without any heating.  These ratings are important because low ratings mean that heat can move relatively easily from outside to in, and inside to out.  So even if you have efficient appliances, you will need to use them more to maintain comfortable temperatures inside. For older houses a good level to aim for is three bars or more.

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