7-Star Update

Are your house designs 7-Star ready?

7-Star Update

What is a happening in 2024?

UPDATE 1.7.2023: The new minimum requirements for home ratings will be delayed and no longer coming in October 2023. The new regulations will be implemented sometime in 2024. What does this mean for you? Your home designs will still have to meet the new requirements and be compliant for your homes to be built, but you have a bit more time to make those changes.

Your home design will have to meet the new requirements and be compliant for your home to be built.There will be a big jump from 6 to 7-stars in energy efficiency. But this isn’t the only change. A Whole of Home (WoH) requirement will be required in different states.

7-Star is a significant increase from 6-Star which has been the standard for the last decade.

It will require design alterations to either maximise the passive solar gains, especially in cooler climates, to help minimise expensive upgrades for your clients.

'WoH' will require the selection of energy efficient fixed appliances such as hot water systems, mechanical heating and cooling and inclusions of photovoltaic (PV) systems such as roof mounted solar panels. Any gas or poorly performing electrical appliance will have to be offset with other energy saving pathways.

How we can help you

By performing analysis and development of new and existing plans we can ease the disruption to your businesses workflow, costing structures and ultimately the clients you service.

We also provide training to sale's and drafting teams on how to identify and avoid common design and block challanges and how to use the 5 aspects ofpassive solar design to communicate the benifits and cost of putting the right design on the right block, helping you stand out in the crowded building space.

We offer design consultation and mentorship to review current designs and assess the potential for upgrading them to 7-Star compliant designs in a cost effective and efficient way.

'Whole of Home' assessments are a NEW requirement

The 'Whole of Home' requirement is something new in most states and it will include the assessing of fixed appliances such as hot water system’s, heating and cooling appliances, and solar systems to have the home rate out of 100.

The better the home rates, the more efficient the home is to run and operate. We support you with selecting the most cost effective solutions to meet these and your clients requirements.

Cheaper Bills

Improving the minimum standard of homes will help lower energy consumption and bills. Communication regarding the cost benefits is vital in helping homeowners see the benefit of your designs meeting the new standards.

Increased Sustainability

7-Star will allow more sustainable approaches to building design such as passive solar design and high performing, renewable building materials. Site specific designs will be essential to providing cost effective solutions.

Whole of Home Rating

The new requirements will include a “Liveability” rating- this assesses the whole of the home as to how efficient, comfortable, adaptable and accessible the home will be. The higher the rating the more attractive it will be to potential buyers.


Ready to find cost effective solutions for your clients?

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